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Chairperson Sign-up & Duties

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Chairing Duties

Chairing A Session – 2023

  1. A week before the Convention, check SCHED which has our Convention program to make sure the session has not been cancelled. Sometimes circumstances occur where the session does get cancelled. Keep checking right up to the date of the session.
  2. At the session:
    1. Arrive 15 minutes before the session at the assigned venue and room.
    2. Introduce yourself as the chairperson for the session to the speaker.
    3. Let the speaker know he/she can have lunch at one of the host rooms at The Westin (Chairman Room), Edmonton Convention Centre (Riverview Room).
    4. Before the session, ask the speaker if they want a signal from you about ending the session (5 or 10 minute warning).
    5. Let attendees know the session starts in 5 minutes, 2 minutes, and start it on time.
    6. Remind attendees about evaluations (SCHED), and Twitter. There are contests to win prizes during the Convention on our social media sites.
    7. There should be a notice in the room about contacting people who are AV providers if needed. The notice should be around the speaker’s table.
    8. Place the ‘Session Full’ sign outside on the door if necessary.
    9. Check for the ID of attendees if the session is at capacity and attendees still want in.
    10. End session on time.
    11. As a Chairperson, may also choose to have lunch in one of the hosting rooms on the day you Chair. Feel free to join your presenter for lunch if interested.
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