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NCTCA Speakers

2025 Speaker proposals are OPEN!!

Programming Details

NCTCA is excited to announce that Convention 2025 will be in-person and proposals will be open on May 1, 2025 at noon.

To ensure full consideration for your proposal, it is best to submit before July 31. The Planning Committee meets in the middle of August to select proposals for the program. A second meeting is held in October to complete the program.

If you are an NCTCA member, please ensure that when you fill out your proposal, you use a contact number whereby you can be reached in the evenings.



We pay out honorariums on a set fee schedule (unless your session is considered a Featured session).

The fee schedule is:

  • 1 Hour Session (60 minutes) $300
  • 3 Hour Session (180 minutes) $475
  • Full Day Session (360 minutes) $700
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