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Exhibitor Policies

Cancellation Policy

Once accepted, the exhibitor will have 45 days to pay the deposit or their booth will be released, and their application will be cancelled.
No refunds for exhibitor booths will be given after January 15 of the convention year.
A 10% cancellation fee will be withheld for cancellations made before December 15 of convention year.
A 25% cancellation fee will be withheld for cancellations made between December 16 to January 15 of the convention year.


Priority will be given to the Association’s business partnership with Morgex Insurance and Capital Estate Planning.
North Central Teachers’ Convention Association does NOT have an exclusivity clause. There may be one or more exhibitors with same or similar products or services. If your company policy states the need for exclusivity at a convention or trade show, this is not supported at the North Central Teachers’ Convention.

Disallowed Exhibitors

The Alberta Teachers’ Association has mandated that exhibitors are NOT to display/sell any study guides or other materials created by the Castle Rock Research Group nor similar products which promote standardized test preparation materials. Exhibitors who violate this mandate will have their booth cancelled and will forfeit their booth fees. Exhibitors who have questions or concerns regarding this mandate should contact ATA Provincial.
Alberta Teachers’ Association policy requires exhibitor products and services must be associated with teaching outcomes outlined in Teacher Quality Standards and Leadership Quality Standards, TQS and LQS. If exhibitor products and services do not meet these standards, NCTCA has the right to not accept an exhibitor registration.

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