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Convention Attendance Requests

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Eligibility Criteria
Any active member may request to be released from their convention attendance obligations to attend an alternate professional development activity that is scheduled during their assigned convention, provided the alternate activity:

  • is an organized professional development event that is permitted under the Association’s Protocol for Convention Attendance;
  • cannot be accessed at another time when it doesn’t conflict with convention attendance; and
  • presents the member with a learning opportunity that exceeds what is available in their convention program and will enhance their professional practice.

If a member’s request is approved they must attend their assigned convention for two consecutive years before they may apply to attend an alternate professional development event during convention again. They are responsible for all costs associated with attending their alternate activity. No convention registration fees will be refunded.

Application, Approval & Appeal
Members must complete and submit an online application two weeks prior to their assigned convention. Late requests may be considered in some cases. The Association’s convention lead will review and either approve or deny all applications. Their decision can be appealed to the Association’s Coordinator of Professional Development, whose decision is final. The online application form can be accessed at

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